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i have created an MSi installer. when i install this installer it also installs a visual studio project which is actually a tutorial project. When user runs this project it generates Bin and Obj folders. when i uninstall the install it does not delete all the those Bin and Obj folder which are generated after the installation.

Can you provide me some example how to use RemoveFolder tag in Wix to remove those two folders and the files inside them recursively.


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RemoveFile will only remove files that are installed by this msi. To remove entire folder you have to use util:RemoveFolderEx. To use it you have to: - Store [TARGETDIR] in registry on install; - Retrieve it on any actions except on install and store in local variable (using RegsitrySearch) - Add util:RemoveFolderEx action to your main component and pass your stored path variable to the Property attribute.

If you need an example I could write it for you.

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