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I am doing a kind of transcript application that will report different terms of the results I have used the form before and it only display one row of the result by a PK if I create a view like this

|ID    | Term   | Sub   |Grade |
|1001  |201301  |  BIO  | A    |
|1001  |201301  |  CHEM | B    |
|1001  |201309  |  HIS  | C    |
|1001  |201401  |  ENG  | F    |

which type of page in apex can help me to generate a multi-row report?like that:

SUB:  Grade:

sub : Grade:
his   C

sub  Grade:
eng  F

if user insert new row for new term and grade ,the report should add the new term partition.

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You can get something like what you want by changing the Report Template - e.g. try "vertical report" - and you can customise the template if you need to. –  Jeffrey Kemp Sep 18 '13 at 3:24

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create interactive report and select control break in action menu to ID of table you will get same type of report as you show above.


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