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I use CGI::Session and can't find the way how to retrieve expired sessions data from disk before I remove them. "Notice: All expired sessions are empty". But maybe there is the way how to reload them from disk or read this files. Help me please. Thank you.

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Depends on the driver you used. With the defaults:

perl -mCGI::Session::Serialize::default -MData::Dumper=Dumper -MFile::Slurp=read_file -e'
    for my $f (glob "/tmp/cgisess*") {
        print Dumper(CGI::Session::Serialize::default->thaw(read_file $f))
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Is this command line syntax? Would you please write the same in normal view? And also can we do this having only CGI::Session object, not file handler? –  Thats Enough Sep 17 '13 at 14:53

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