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If I run this script:

use Cwd;
print "$^O\n";
print cwd;

The output is:

C:\tmp>perl tmp.pl

How can I get windows style path C:\tmp?

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@devnull: Not really a duplicate, IMO, even if the answer given to the other question (i.e. Win32::GetLongPathName()) might indeed help here too. (OTOH, this could be considered a duplicate of this question.) –  Ilmari Karonen Dec 16 '13 at 22:25

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It's because you're using built-in perl of msys, and this version of perl will definitely give a Linux-style path. If you installed Active Perl and use Active Perl to launch your script, the path would be Win32-style:

$ /bin/perl5_8.exe path.pl

$ /c/ActivePerl/bin/perl.exe path.pl

You could use alias in your bash profile to redirect perl to ActivePerl:

alias perl /c/ActivePerl/bin/perl.exe


$ which perl
perl is /c/ActivePerl/bin/perl
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You're not really on Windows, or $^O would be MSWin32. You're inside the MSYS unix emulation environment, so it's no surprise you have unix-style paths. For a version of Perl that runs on Windows natively, use ActivePerl or Strawberry Perl.

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