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Using Solr 4 I have documents that have a field for 'carry case'. The values for 'carry case' can be


From within Solr is it possible for me to group the results together to be 'Yes' if the 'carry case' value is 'Small' , 'Medium' , 'Large' or 'No' if the value is 'None'.

So my results would look like:

Yes (23)
No (41)

And clicking on 'Yes' would then return all docs with 'Small , medium or large' carry cases.

I've taken a look at Field Collcapsing but couldn't see a way of achieving what I need . The closest I could get to was something like:

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for performance reasons I would build a new column (usecarrycase) and feed yes/no values to this field based on the above rule. How do you index documents into your solr? can you easily extend that?

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Right now I'm just using the DataImportHandler to import directly from the DB. Adding a new column though would work. – Kiksy Sep 26 '13 at 15:21

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