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I need to create an array of multiple forms, the code below doesn't seem to be working . .

private Form[] myForm3;

myForm3[0] = new Form("Course grade points in each sem " );


I am actually trying to create a form which accepts no of courses in each semester, and the grade in each course of each semester, I wanted to take input of grades of course of a semester each in a separate form ( each form would have semester, no. of courses and respective grades), now I got to create those many separate semester forms based on user input . .

The idea I have is to create a function with form array in it, call the same function to display next form with necessary changes accordingly

I tried a lot, struck with array of forms, it does not seem to be working. . I have not used threads either, can this be used in any way?

Any other idea would be helpful with some code provided !

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private Form[] myForm3 = new Form[3] ;

You need to initialize the array

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Thankyou! Any other idea to solve the question. .. –  rtmatchbox Sep 17 '13 at 9:17
@rtmatchbox nothing that I am aware of –  Ajay George Sep 17 '13 at 14:49

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