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I have tried to establish a connection between android and linux embedded system. but when I try to connect the 2 device the result is connection refused. After a lot test and research I have found that the problem is that in the linux side I don't have set the UUID of the app. Therefore my ask is. How I can set the uuid on rfcomm.conf or hcid.conf( in the linux side I use gambas to create a client bluetooth, More specifically I use the command

TRY ProcessConnectBT = EXEC ["rfcomm", "-i", "hci" & CInt(Mav.NBLUEPEN), "connect", "/dev/rfcomm" & numero_seriale, indirizzo_device] FOR READ AS "ProcessConnectBT

and for the app under android I'm using the bluetoothchat. Now where or how I can set a uuid under linux to communicate with my app android or there is any method for create a server bluetooth android without the UUID?

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I'm working on Android and Ubuntu Bluetooth RFCOMM and I'm having the same problem. I'm writing codes for my Ubuntu in C and I've found some samples in this Book: Bluetooth Essentials for Programmers and I've used Android Guides for my Android side.

I've Googled the ways to set a UUID in C and I've found a Function that helps us to set a UUID but I think it's not gonna work cuz it's not necessary to set a UUID when you want to make a socket in C and even if you set a UUID it'll be Useless. So I've searched the ways to make a socket in Android without setting UUID and I've found something called Reflection.

I still haven't Edited my Android Bluetooth code to make a socket with reflection but I'm gonna test that as soon as possible.

In this link someone has made a socket with reflection.

Let me know if my answer helped.

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I I have found a solution the problem are 2. First rfcomm work with channel while android with UUID to recognition the program that you want connect. therfore you need to know the channel of programm. For do this you need to scan the port: using this command 'sdptool browser [address_bluetooth_android]', research the channel where there is you app. you had the list of all programm that implement a server bluetooth. next you go in the main.conf and disable the pnat plug-in. for Finish with rfcomm connect rfcomm0(I have suppose that you have the correct address and port in rfcomm.conf) – user2753642 Sep 18 '13 at 13:48
Sorry I didn't got you, can you give me a link or something? Thanks – Seinmon Sep 20 '13 at 12:23

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