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I am writing C code for 'password prompt' . I need to display * for every character the user enters . But I am not supported with getch(). So , I tried system calls .

    system("stty -echo");
    scanf("%c", &a[i]);
    system("stty echo");

I have tried to turn off echo and get a char and display * enabling echo. But we know scanf continues until \n. So , i am unable to display * at once a char is got. Somebody help me pls. Also kindly suggest me any other better way.

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Typing a password without echo at all is relatively easy, but displaying stars one character at a time isn't (doing that while supporting backspace -- or worse, arrow keys -- is even harder).

The first step is to "set the terminal in RAW mode" to disable the "wait for a full line" behavior.

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