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Any idea on how to save an array of unsigned char to a field in MySQL database ? I'm considering BLOB, but how can I convert it to QByteArray and convert it back to an array of unsigned char when I want to ? BTW, I'm trying to save fingerprint data.

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I managed to solve this using the codes below (copied directly from my project)

struct fp {
    unsigned char Template[MAX_TEMPLATE_SIZE];
    int size;

// unsigned char to QByteArray
QByteArray FingerPrint::charArrayToByteArray(fp fp0) {

    QByteArray ba;
    for (int i=0; i

// QByteArray to unsigned char fp FingerPrint::byteToFp(QByteArray *ba) { fp fp0; for (int i=0; isize(); i++) { fp0.Template[i] = ba->at(i); } fp0.size = ba->size(); return fp0; }

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