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I'd like to know what's a good practice of changing the value of an environment variable when doing git checkout <branchname> and give it a value depending on branchname (while having a default value in case no specific value is given for the checked out branch).

Eg. to get database names:

> git checkout dev
> echo $MYVAR
> git checkout newfeaturebranch
> echo $MYVAR
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I would use $GIT_DIR/hooks/post-checkout

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We have a .bat script (on windows) that sets most ENV variables for the project, and then executes a program passed as argument. We open our IDE and our command line prompt via this .bat file which is versioned in git.

Other than that I guess you could alias git checkout, point it to a script that does the checkout and then changes the ENV variables.

I prefer option 1.

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