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I have a code-first webservice that is exposed via jax-wx annotations @javax.jws.WebService and jaxb annotations like @javax.xml.bind.annotation.XmlElement so on. They are visible via a com.sun.xml.ws.transport.http.servlet.WSServlet in web.xml.

In the domain model there exist some constants, i.e. magic values that can be used together with other non-magic values. So there's a bunch of String constants:

@WebService(name = "Service1", serviceName = "Service1")
public interface Service1Remote {
    public static final String MAGIC_FIELD1 = "magic field one";
    public static final String MAGIC_FIELD2 = "magic field one";

    SeviceResult method(@WebParam(name = "fieldName") String fieldName, ...);

Now the constants defined there can be used as parameters for method calls (or as values in objects passed to these calls) and they identify well defined values, but in my case there's also a free set of additional field names that can be passed (as direct parameter or as value inside a complex object). (In addition the response can also contain these values as "magic values" in certain places along with other application defined values).

I don't think that the solution of How do I get constants defined in my service using JAX-WS? apply to my use case.

It seems that jaxb is capable of creating constants of some sort (fixedAttributeAsConstantProperty), but I think that this would only work if I could influence the dynamically generated xsd file - which I cannot (code first - see above).

So is this possible? How?


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