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In Python you can do something like

if 7 in list
    return True

Is there anything in java like this? To go "if x in array" without having to do a for loop or several lines of code?


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If you are already using Commons Lang, there is ArrayUtils#contains.

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You need to call Collection contains method to check for existense:


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The ArrayList class provides method contains(Object).

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You can use

Arrays.asList(yourArray) - convert array to list

and then

.contains(7) - find value at list

Some other solutions: http://javarevisited.blogspot.cz/2012/11/4-ways-to-search-object-in-java-array-example.html

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Java arrays don't have such properties, but you can either use a collection (preferable a Set, because the lookup methods are the most efficient) or wrap your array with Arrays.asList()

return Arrays.asList(arr).contains(7)
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