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On a local drive, the project files are in directory bar. However in git repository, theys are in the foo sub-directory of https://:@git.<domain>/kerberos/my_repo (i.e. in my_repo/foo)

I get an error, when I do

git clone https://:@git.<domain>/kerberos/my_repo/foo bar

But it is ok doing the following

git clone https://:@git.<domain>/kerberos/my_repo bar

Although then the folder structure is bar/my_repo/foo. This is NOT what I need. I want files from foo to be placed right in the bar directory.

Is there any good solution to that?

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Basically no. Unlike svn, a git repo can only be checked out in its entirety.

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Is the only way to delete and create new repository that has a proper folder name? – musthero Sep 17 '13 at 11:31
Could you perhaps create a symlink on your local copy, which you don't check in to the repository? – troelskn Sep 17 '13 at 12:32

Git handles version controlling with just one file, that's called .git.

So it seems like the .git of your remote is right under the my_repo folder.

Therefore you can clone my_repo but not specifically my_repo/foo.

As you may realize, as SVN has its 'signature' on each subfolders of root too, checking-out my_repo/foo would be possible via SVN.

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