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I am doing pagination in my web app so how to do this ?

what i want is : i wan to show all the users to admin!

i went through this play framework computer app computer-database but i don't want this type of pagination computer -database app pagination is :

enter image description here

but i want like google :

enter image description here

my query same like computer-database app:

model part of user

public static Page<User> page(int page, int pageSize, String sortBy, String order, String filter) {
                .ilike("name", "%" + filter + "%")
                .orderBy(sortBy + " " + order)

view is:


and contoller is :

public static Result enter() {
        Form<Login> loginForm = Form.form(Login.class).bindFromRequest();

        if (loginForm.hasErrors()) {
            return badRequest(logi.render(loginForm));// errorsAsJson());

        if(loginForm.get().email.equals("admin@admin.com") ) {

            return redirect(routes.paging.pag(0, "name", "asc", ""));


and paging.java

public class paging extends Controller {

    public static Result pag(int page, String sortBy, String order, String filter) throws ClassNotFoundException, SQLException {

return ok(adm.render(User.page(page, 2, sortBy, order, filter),
                sortBy, order, filter));


Give me some idea for that pagination.

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have a look at it http://www.kev009.com/wp/2012/12/reusable-pagination-in-play-2/ it's written in scala but it with little effort can be done in java

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Hmmm... the easiest way is check the API for Ebean's Page class it has ie. getTotalPageCount() method, so you can easily iterate from 0 to count of pages to generate links for every page of results (prev/next arrows removed to keep sample clean...)

<div id="pagination2" class="pagination">
        @for(i <- 0 until currentPage.getTotalPageCount()){
            <li><a  href="@link(i, null)">@(i+1)</a></li>

This code refers to the mentioned sample - list view.

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could you please tell me how is getting total page. what is logic behind this? –  Rahul Kulhari Sep 18 '13 at 5:20
@RahulKulhari it just performs additional query like: select count(*) ... of course it contains all conditions placed in the original. You don't need to do it manually, mentioned method does it in the background. –  biesior Sep 18 '13 at 7:22

You can use paginate module on play, try this

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