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I have a deployed bar file in the MB in a execution group. Now i want to find out the input queue name from where the Broker flow is getting input.

PlatForm : AIX

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I hope you are able to connect to remote brokers from your Windows machine.You can see the queues used by message flow via MB explorer. If you have MB explorer installed then just configure your broker and click on your flow. It will show you "Queues used" in the MQ explorer content.

Alternatively, you can also use CMP API Excerciser tool(Available in your MB installation directory under the folder named samples) as well if you don't have MB explorer.

Also, as CMP excerciser does it, you can write a simple java app, using MB API, and call getQueues() function through an object of your message flow.

I am not sure if a direct unix command is available for this purpose.

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