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I know about caching the whole current_ability.

Something like

def current_ability
  cached_ability ="#{current_user.cache_key}::ability")
  if cached_ability.present?
    ability = Marshal.load( cached_ability )
    ability = super
    Rails.cache.write("#{current_user.cache_key}::ability", Marshal.dump( ability ))
  @current_ability = ability

But is there is a way to cache a single ability ? for example I do this :

Rails.cache.fetch("#{user.cache_key}::comments::ability") do
  can :manage, Comment, :article_id => articles_ids
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Any luck with this? Just found your post and am curious as well. – Ethan Jan 14 '14 at 20:30
Not actually, but I ended up overriding current_ability. Look at my answer – swap.nil Jan 15 '14 at 7:05
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I did this to cache the whole current_ability object

In ApplicationController

def current_ability
  @current_ability = Rails.cache.fetch("#{current_user.cache_key}::ability") do
end unless Rails.env.development?
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