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What can I use as WYSIWYM editor for desktop application (preferably .NET/WinForms)? I need functions as paragraphs, headings 1, 2, 3, (un)ordered lists, strong and no other formating (restrictive). Editor wymeditor.org is bad for me purpose because I can paste anything to it from clipboard. I prefer no webbrowser/javascript editor integration. Thanks.

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Xstandard works in both the web browser and in desktop apps (as an ActiveX control). I've used it excessively in web browsers since it produces clean markup, but I haven't tried it in WinForms myself.

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Visual Studio Express includes a Graphical Windows Forms editor that I would call WYSIWYM.

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I have written an HTML edit control, which matches all the requirements that you mentioned: see http://www.modeltext.com/html/ for details.

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