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How can I change captcha image size and text padding in image?

I read official docs and havn't found any of those.

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I have never used this app, but I've found in code something:


def captcha_image(request, key, scale=1):
    #function goes here

So if you call captch_image with additional paramater scale, you can change the size. If you use urls for this app like

urlpatterns = patterns('captcha.views',
    url(r'image/(?P<key>\w+)/$', 'captcha_image', name='captcha-image', kwargs={'scale': 1}),

You can change scale parameter right in the line.

If you want to change proportions of dimensions, I think it is not supported, because

size = font.getsize(text)
size = (size[0] * 2, int(size[1] * 1.2))

They are hardcoded in the function captcha_image. But you can replace the font.

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Thanks! Your advise helps to change size. But padding is still problem: i.imgur.com/x5lyoUG.png –  13DaGGeR Sep 17 '13 at 12:54
Than I think it is not the problem of captcha_image but the problem of css you use. –  Павел Тявин Sep 17 '13 at 12:56
this is not screensave, but saved image –  13DaGGeR Sep 17 '13 at 13:22

Maybe it would be an option to resize the captcha in your css (e.g. setting width/heigth to 150%)

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