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So what I would like to get is this :

public function someFunc()
    //start typing from here

after I type opening curly bracket and press enter, I want notepad++ to make a new line and indent it by one tab, and then close the curly brace in next line after it, something like netbeans have.

I am using XBrackets Lite plugin for autocompleteing brackets, but that plugin does not provide auto indention in new line, it just close the brackets on the same line like this :

public function someFunc()

I need this behavior for both php and javascript.

Can some one help me please ?

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Welcome to StackOverflow! The Notepad# has such a feature, try this plugin out.


Another hint: try WebEdit plugin, too. You can create your own word list (Plugins > WebEdit > Edit Config) to boost up your work. (It is recommended to comment out the default values of [Commands], [Toolbar] and [Tags], like ;1=a.bmp). Some ideas:

p=public function |() {\n\i\n}
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