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I am trying to use ftp as an input endpoint and ActiveMq queue as output endpoint for an Apache camel Route. However the route just starts and gets stuck after a log of DefaultCamelContext ::

11:58:00,020 | SAMPLE | blrd4518 | INFO  | 1-104 | o.a.c.i.DefaultCamelContext              |                                      | Route: MapRoute7 started and consuming from: Endpoint[ftp://nceaptdev02.nce.amadeus.net?binary=true&consumer.bridgeErrorHandler=true&delay=5000&filter=%


After which nothing happens and server stays idle. However when I change the output Endpoint to FTP, it works with all the processing.

Can someone please help me in this regard ??

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can you enable trace in camel context (use log4j console appender) and add more details. –  Tushar Mishra Sep 17 '13 at 14:15
sounds like connectivity issue with the remote FTP server. As suggested enabled DEBUG/TRACE logging to see more details from the logs what happens. –  Claus Ibsen Sep 18 '13 at 16:02

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