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I am using Java Mail API to send emails to end users through java class file. I have requirement to add voting option with Approve and Reject option, so that end user will get these options in mail. Can anyone help how to get these options in mail using Java. I heard about Java TNEF package to solve this but not sure how to use it. Pleease advice.

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I think your question is too generic. The purpose of the site is not to make others write code for you... I suggest you to be more specific and focus on a specific problem. Thanks. –  Andrea Carrer Sep 17 '13 at 13:11

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One option would be to add simple Approve or Reject links and process Approval/Reject based on the links clicked. You can also add little bit security by adding some random generated string and attaching it to the email id so that the approve/reject link is not misused.

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