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I am posting my script:


echo -e '\E[44m'"Testing case conditions"; tput sgr0
until [ "$vpm" = "n" ]; do
read -p "Do you want to continue (Y/n): " vpm
case $vpm in
"Y" | "y" | "yes" | "Yes" | "YES" | "yES" | "yeS" | "YeS" | "YEs" | "yEs")
read -p "Pass your string: " sin

echo -e '\E[42m'"$sin"; tput sgr0
sleep 3

echo "Exit"
* ) 

#echo "Invalid parameter" #At this line if user enter any thing else except of yes /n the script print invalid parameter but I want to break it after 3rd wrong input.** 

exit 1

I want to exit this script after third input of invalid parameter. Kindly guide me that how it is possible.

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Put the "Yes" comparison code into a function for clarity (and reuse).

You might do a for int Retries = 1 to 3, and exit/break early if answered.

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