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I am trying to create a find and replace like in ms word. I have created a new form and added the textbox and findnext button.

The problem now i how to loop through the textbox and find the text one by one and highlight them.

I have tried

    private void btnFindNext_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
        frmTextpad text = (frmTextpad)Application.OpenForms["frmTextpad"];
        int length = txtFind1.Text.Length;
        for (int a = 0; a >= 0; a++)
            int location = text.Current.Find(text.Current.Text, a, RichTextBoxFinds.None);
            text.Current.Select(location, txtFind1.Text.Length);
            text.Current.SelectionBackColor = Color.Blue;

I get an ArgumentOutofRangeException.

Pls what am i doing wrong and how can i achieve what i want?

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Your for loop is never terminating and is running up through the end of the text block and outside the bounds of the string you're searching.

for (int a = 0; a >= 0; a++)

Will keep running as long as int a is greater than 0, which is forever since you never reduce it. You will want to terminate the loop when it reaches a certain point (the length of the string you're searching). Probably more like this:

for (int a = 0; a < text.Current.Text.Length; a++)

It also looks like you are searching your text box for its own text right here:

int location = text.Current.Find(text.Current.Text, a, RichTextBoxFinds.None);

I'm not familiar with the structure of your form but it looks like you want to search for the value of the txtFind control. So what you want is more like this:

int location = text.Current.Find(txtFind1.Text, a, RichTextBoxFinds.None);
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Look at

  for (int a = 0; a >= 0; a++)

as of right now that for loop will never stop

so that should not be a >= 0 it should be a <= length

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