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I am using AVCapturesession to record video I am reciving out at didrecive sample buffer method in the form of CMSamplbufferRef.I Have Converted that to CIImage and made some some change and now I Want to convert that CIImage to CMSampleBufferRef Can Any one please help me, I Broused a lot but I didn't found answer to this any where I hope I'll found it here.

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I take no credit, credit goes to :Crop CMSampleBufferRef

CVPixelBufferRef pixelBuffer;
CVPixelBufferCreate(kCFAllocatorSystemDefault, 640, 480, kCVPixelFormatType_32BGRA, NULL, &pixelBuffer);

CVPixelBufferLockBaseAddress( pixelBuffer, 0 );

CIContext * ciContext = [CIContext contextWithOptions: nil];
[ciContext render:ciImage toCVPixelBuffer:pixelBuffer];
CVPixelBufferUnlockBaseAddress( pixelBuffer, 0 );

CMSampleTimingInfo sampleTime = {
    .duration = CMSampleBufferGetDuration(sampleBuffer),
    .presentationTimeStamp = CMSampleBufferGetPresentationTimeStamp(sampleBuffer),
    .decodeTimeStamp = CMSampleBufferGetDecodeTimeStamp(sampleBuffer)

CMVideoFormatDescriptionRef videoInfo = NULL;
CMVideoFormatDescriptionCreateForImageBuffer(kCFAllocatorDefault, pixelBuffer, &videoInfo);

CMSampleBufferRef oBuf;
CMSampleBufferCreateForImageBuffer(kCFAllocatorDefault, pixelBuffer, true, NULL, NULL, videoInfo, &sampleTime, &oBuf);
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