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I'm using maven 3.0.3 and Java7.

I've got an AnnotationProcessor that is supposed to parse annotated java-files in src/main/java (not src/test/java) and generate Helper-Classes for JUnit-Tests. These Helper-Classes are supposed to be stored in target/generated-test-sources/test-annotations because they use libraries that are only available in test-scope. (Note: everything works fine as long as this dependency isn't in test-scope, but the build fails as soon as it is. It's definitely only needed in test-scope / during unit-tests and compilation of test-classes.)

I tried several configurations without any luck:

  1. I configured the maven-compiler-plugin to use the AnnotationProcessor during compile:compile. The generated HelperClass would be stored in generated-sources/annotations. Not in generated-test-sources/test-annotations as desired. The result was, that Test-Scoped dependencies would not have been used. Build failed due to Compilation Error "cannot find symbol". Fail

  2. I used the above configuration and redefined the generatedSourcesDirectory:


    The generated class would be stored in generated-test-sources/test-annotations as expected, but the build still failed because it tried to compile that file as above and missed the test-scoped dependencies. Fail

  3. I tried to use the above configuration and excluded **/generated-test-sources/test-annotations/**/*.java in order to prevent the compiler from compiling in this phase:


    no luck. Same Compiler-Error as above. Fail

  4. I configured the maven-compiler-plugin to use the AnnotationProcessor during test-compile:testCompile. The HelperClass might theoretically have been generated in generated-test-sources/test-annotations, but the AnnotationProcessor wouldn't stumble upon the annotated class that is located in src/main/java, not in src/test/java, which is AFAIK the compilation-scope during test-compile:testCompile. So the Annotated class would not be found, the HelperClass would not be generated and could therefore not be stored in generated-test-sources. Fail

  5. Tried to run that during compile:testCompile and test-compile:compile, which lead in both cases to classes of src/main/java not yet being compiled - thus compiler error. Fail

What I really would like to do is:

  1. Configure the compiler to use the AnnotationProcessor during compile:compile to generate my HelperClass to ${project.build.directory}/generated-test-sources/test-annotations but don't let maven compile it
  2. Then compile the HelperClass during test-compile:testCompile.

I'm failing to do so. I'm not sure if I am missing important maven basics (concept) here, or if there's a problem with the exclusion configuration, or whatever it is.

Any help is very appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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I performed several tests with includes, excludes, testExcludes and so on (which I find rather badly documented). It seems that maven simply ignores these configuration settings. Can't really believe it, but though it showed that includes and excludes have been configured correctly and these configurations where used (mvn -X clean install), it still compiled excluded files or didn't compile included files. (BTW: I tested it from CLI as well, as I found out that some IDEs still ignore those settings.) Any solutions found out there, like adding resource directories, including, excluding, defining generatedTestSourcesDirectory during test-compile:testCompile to match the generatedSourcesDirectory of compile:compile simply didn't work. Whatever.

I found a way to solve the problem as follows:

  1. let the first compile-step (compile:compile) only use Annotation-Processors, but don't compile generated classes: <proc>only</proc>. Define the generatedSourcesDirectory to be where test-sources should be generated to: ${project.build.directory}/generated-test-sources/test-annotations.
  2. use build-helper-maven-plugin to add test-source-directory in the correct phase and goal. The implicit test-compile:testCompile would then be executed with the generated classes sourcepath added to the normal sourcepath.

Below is my configuration. Note that I need to generate other stuff before my actual problem occurs and that has to be generated into generated-sources/annotations, so there's one compile-step more than needed for the solution.

So, this is it:

                    <!-- normal compile and generation of other classes to standard location (implicit, you shouldn't need that) -->
                    <!-- Generates Test-Helper-Class into ${project.build.directory}/generated-test-sources/test-annotations WITHOUT compiling it -->
                        <!-- generated class depends on test-scope libs, so don't compile now: proc:only DISABLES compilation of generated classes-->
                <!-- implicit test-compile:testCompile -->
            <!-- adds source-dir during generate-test-sources:add-test-source 
                 so that the path to our generated class is now known to the 
                 compiler during test-compile:testCompile -->
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You may want to check out this blog post: http://deors.wordpress.com/2011/10/08/annotation-processors/

It looks like you need to set the following in pom.xml


I'm not sure if this applies to your particular situation, but I was working with annotations yesterday, and thought this may help you.

It looks like this argument will let you compile without any annotation processors. Then you can compile with them at a later point in the life cycle.

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My AnnotationProcessors do generally work. My problem is: during compile:compile, the test-scoped dependencies needed for the generated class are not visible to the compiler (that tries to compile the generated class) and during test-compile:testCompile the AnnotationProcessor won't be invoked for the annotated class that is located in src/main/java (not in src/main/test) –  Thomas Praxl Sep 17 '13 at 17:55

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