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Im having difficulties highlighting a tab from a sub category. This first piece of code is a singular tab with class='active_pat_tab' as the identifier for highlighting the tab. The class is added dynamicaly through a variable that identifies the id of the containin li in this case id='tabAssessDetails'.

<li class='tabs_item' id='tabAssessDetails'>
    <a href='#page-1' class='active_pat_tab'>
        <span>Assess Details</span>

but, In the example below I have a tab with two sub categories. It is still identified by the incoming variable, but in this case the identified item is a sub catagory of the tab that needs to be highlighted. id='tabPhysicalExamination' is say the tab that was requested, but the dynamic class addition should go to the parent li's a... see the 3rd example code.

<li class='has-sub tabs_item'>
    <a href='#page-2'><span>Observation</span></a>
        <li class='tabsub' id='tabCareLevel'>
            <a href='#page-17'><span>Care Level</span></a>
        <li class='tabsub' id='tabPhysicalExamination'>
            <a href='#page-3'><span>Physical examination</span></a>

what it should look like:

<li class='has-sub tabs_item'>
    <a href='#page-2' class='active_pat_tab'><span>Observation</span></a>

I have tried a few things including

$( "li.tabsub" ).closest( "a" ).addClass('active_pat_tab');


$( "li.tabsub" ).parents( "li.tabs_item" ).addClass('active_pat_tab');

but I have failed to get the class to be added to the correct place.

PS: There is no click on the tab. This is coming from a different page to a specific tab. I dont think I can use click in this instance. or am i missing something?

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your question a bit unclear, providing a jsfiddle would have multiple list items with the class tabsub.. so you have to handle link click & then do the $(this) to get the parent li.tabsub – Krishna Sep 17 '13 at 15:27
@Krishna - There is no click on the tab. This is coming from a different page to a specific tab. I dont think I can use click in this instance. or am i missing something? – morne Sep 17 '13 at 15:30
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From your starting element, you want to get the containing <ul>, then the <a> element before it, so:

$('#' + id).closest('ul').prev('a').addClass('active_pat_tab');

I've used '#' + id because you said you have a variable identifying the ID of the starting element, and from the question that seems like it's called id.

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Im dont know if I should laugh or not. I know it is supposed to be simple to do this, but then its always that simple solution you dont think about. Thanks Anthony, works a charm. – morne Sep 17 '13 at 15:37


$( "li.tabsub" ).closest("li.tabs_item").children("a").addClass('active_pat_tab');




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Why don't you do:


Right now it doesn't do it because your #page2 anchor is siblings with the ul, so you can not select it with .closest().

Also your $( "li.tabsub" ).parents( "li.tabs_item" ).addClass('active_pat_tab'); wouldn't work because, that class is not your anchor element.

other way you can do it without using the id is:

$( "li.tabsub" ).closest( "li.tabs_item" ).find('a:first').addClass('active_pat_tab');
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