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what is Turbo sim unlocked iPhone ? how is differ with factory unlock and unlock iphone ? what are the disadvantages of turbo sim unlocked ?

Thanks in advance !!!

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I am using a turbo sim to unlock my Sprint iphone 4S. Basically our iPhones are locked to some particular carrier frequency (eg AT&T, Sprint, Verzion, e.t.c) so they will work only with that carrier.

So when you use a trubo sim, you put a small chip under your sim card and insert into your iPhone. It will hack the frequency settings and will let you use your iPhone with any sim card.

Factory unlocking : Is officially getting your phone unlocked from your carrier and the best to unlock your iPhone. You can just put any sim card and it will work without any problem.

Trubo Sim: Pros:

  • You can use it with any carrier with out officially unlocking your iPhone.


  • In order to do this you need to install some networking profiles on your iPhone, by using the software provided along with your turbo sim card .
  • If you reset your phone you need to do all the steps to get it working.

I didn't really see any problems by doing this.

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When we update iOS is it works well as it is ? – imDeveloper Sep 17 '13 at 16:31
Usually the turbo sim provider will provide new updated version of the software when a new iOS is released. It usally takes them a while to updated their software. So you have to check their website and when the new download is available , then you should update your software in iPhone. Until then you have to keep waiting. – Priyatham51 Sep 17 '13 at 18:19
This process is the same as Jailbreaking? – vhakti Jan 20 '14 at 15:18
@vhakti no this is different from jail breaking your device. You can use this turbo sim with out jail breaking your device. – Priyatham51 Jan 22 '14 at 0:34

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