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in durandal 2.0, when I have a route with parameter, like this one, for example:

{ route: 'Product/:id', title: 'Product Details', moduleId: 'viewmodels/product/details' }

and I have couple of links with different ":index" value, then when I'm switchitng between these urls, the entry transition is not firing. All the activator callbacks are fine but pages simply show up witohut any animation. This was working in previous durandal version. Anyone have any clue how to get these animations back?

UPDATE: details module is a singleton. It only takes the value passed as url parameter and chooses proper product from array (this array is populated elsewhere). It looks like this:

var vm = {
        activate: activate,
        activeProductViewModel: ko.observable()

    function activate(id) {
        var activeProductVm = ko.utils.arrayFirst(userData.products(), function (product) {
            return product.Id == id;

        vm.activeProductViewModel(activeProductVm );
        return true;
return vm;

My view is very simple and looks like this:

    <div data-bind="compose: activeProductViewModel"></div>
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How does your router compose look like and what is returned by details a constructor function or a singleton? –  RainerAtSpirit Sep 17 '13 at 20:11

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