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I'm using in my project the following frameworks:

  • knockout.js
  • jquery.dataTables.js
  • DT_bootstrap.js

Everything works perfectly when I get from server in json format my list to be filled at my table.

The columns are being observed by knockout.

The link below shows the behavior of my table and buttons


The problem is that I'm not managing to add a new row in the table and then redraw the table and keep the buttons (Edit and Delete) with your events knockout.

When I insert the following code to the events of the buttons stop working

var newRow = ["34", "B", "100", "C", "D", "<span data-bind='click: ShowEdit, visible: !Edit()' class='btn mini blue-stripe'><i class='icon-edit'></i> Editar</span>"];


I tried fnReDraw() without success.

Just an observation, Pagination is not working...

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