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I am trying to shorten my code with this conditional statement

I have

  if(title =='project'){
      title = text + ': ' + this.projectTitle;
      title = this.projectTitle;

I feel like there is a better way to rewrite this. Does anyone have idea of how to do it?


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A ternary that reproduces your if/else:

title = title == 'project' ? text + ': ' + this.projectTitle : this.projectTitle;

Though if you really want to shorten it:

title = (title == 'project' ? text + ': ' : '') + this.projectTitle;


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Try a ternary:

title = (title =='project') ? text + ': ' + this.projectTitle: this.projectTitle;
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Simple inline condition;

   title =  ((title =='project') ? text + ': ' + this.projectTitle : this.projectTitle);

Check link for more details

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title = (title == 'project' ? text + ': ' : '') + this.projectTitle;
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var title = (title =='project' ? text + ': ' + this.projectTitle : this.projectTitle);
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