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I installed the generator-angular, but decided to change the name of my app midway. Now when I generate any module it gets the wrong name attached to it. I tried Find+Replace of both myOldApp and my-old-app but I still get the old name. Where do I change it?

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Yeoman/Yo: Where does Yo scaffolding pickup the name of the Angular module?

suggests it is in the bower.json.

worked for me.

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I forgot I created this question :) Yes, I found that answer a few minutes after writing this... –  aditya menon Oct 16 '13 at 12:10
Do note that it will always add the suffix 'App', so if you enter 'test' as app name in the bower.json config file and then generate a controller, it will be named testApp.<controllername> –  Michael Trouw Feb 16 '14 at 22:32

go to your app ->open bower.json-> there will be a name field change it there

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