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I am making a game with flash as3. I create a movieclip that contains all of the games content within it. I pretty much encapsulated the game within this one movie clip. after the game is over I remove the movieclip off the screen. but yet, all the other movieclips within the main movieclip still keep playing.

I could create a deconstructor that removes all the items. but that seems like much to do. is there something easier ?

I tried making the movieclip null. but all the other movieclips Timers keep going off still and causes errors to go off.

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Try Destroying the container of all the movie clips – Treby Dec 11 '09 at 4:46

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function myButton_Clicked(event:MouseEvent)

try this!!!

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You must remove listeners in the sub movies, otherwise they can't be garbage collected when you try to remove or nullify the main clip. You could add a destroy(); method in each of the sub-clips that does this and call that from the parent clip.

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