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So I am trying to setup a tile-image browser using a mish-mash of the above mentioned tools. The server I have is:


Additionally, I have some subdomains which serve image tiles as to accelerate the number of simultaneous requests that will be made by a browser. These have the name:


Awesome! This works really snappy and quick with leaflet.js. However then I decided to break everything.

Leaflet generates a ton of 404 errors when it makes image elements with url's that fail to resolve (limited scope tile image), so I decided that I would check the url with a $.ajax request, this however triggers the outcome:

Origin is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin.

Which makes sense after a bit of sense after doing my reading about CORS. So I added stuff to my nginx config along these lines, and the headers seem to show up in the chrome network tab as I would expect: CORS Response Headers

Hokay, so why wont it get my images from the tile server? It works fine when I start chrome with the --disable-web-security, so I suspect my headers are still out of line somehow. I can post any relevant config scripts, but I suspect my understanding of how this stuff actually works is wrong.

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