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I would like to create an image picker as shown in the picture below. What is the best way to go about it?

The screen should show the current image on the center and the next and previous on its side which is a smaller image size. On swipe, the images should change. It will be helpful if someone can point to an existing code similar to this.


enter image description here

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Please refer this answer. I faced same problem, and solved it via this method. If you still face any problem just tell me and i'll help you with more code ;)

Hope it helps.

Happy coding :D

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Could u please help me here? –  rup35h Jan 4 at 14:30
@rup35h yes, please tell me, what is your problem. If i can, I'll surely help you. –  DroidDev Jan 5 at 17:39
@vishawas I am using Gallery by custom extending array adapter and it is displaying either only one image at the center or left . how can i can i display 3 images at the same time and if there is 2 then left right and for 1 at the center. –  rup35h Jan 5 at 18:49
@rup35h I haven't seen your code, so I can't really tell what might be wrong with it. But I can tell you to not use gallery, because it is deprecated in android and we don't really know that for how much time android will keep supporting gallery in newer APIs. So, I suggest you to find something else from gallery. Actually this was how I came across idea with extending HorizontalScrollView. Please don't use gallery, it'll not be good for your application. –  DroidDev Jan 6 at 5:15

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