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So looks like I have ran into a weird problem and was wondering whether somebody has a solution for it or am I misusing the RegExp object in javascript. I've written down a regexp which checks whether a particular value is alphanumeric or not. The function and some sample test cases are as follows

var re = new RegExp("^[a-zA-z\\d]+$");


In all the cases, it returns a true. I tried escaping the brackets in the regular exp i.e var re = new RegExp("^\\[a-zA-z\\d\\]+$"); but then every test case returns false.

I fixed this problem by using a regex literal instead like var re = /^[a-zA-Z\d]+$/;. I think I could have used \w but the field should not contain the _ character.

Does anybody know how to fix the problem or is the RegExp object not compatible with a set of matching characters??

Thanks in advance!

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There's nothing wrong with the regex and this is the normal behaviour. It's just that A-z has more characters than just letters, which you can see when you look at a character chart. –  Jerry Sep 17 '13 at 19:37

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The second 'z' should be 'Z'. The ascii range between Z (0x5a) and a (0x61) includes the square brackets, the caret, backquote, and underscore.

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seems like a facepalm moment to me, thanks for the correction –  chaitanya Sep 17 '13 at 20:54

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