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On my index page I have the "latest work" which shows 8 portfolio pieces and I need it to only grab the ones that have active = 1 as well and I have something like this:

$sql = 'SELECT * FROM portfolio WHERE active = 1';  

I tried doing this but its not working and i get errors when I try to pass it in PHPMyAdmin as well.

$sql = 'SELECT * FROM portfolio 
        WHERE active = 1 
        WHERE [id] > SELECT
        MAX([id]) - 8 FROM portfolio';

Any ideas?

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$sql = 'SELECT * FROM `portfolio` WHERE `active` = 1 ORDER BY `id` DESC LIMIT 8';

ORDER BY id DESC -> orders rows by highest to lowest value of ID, use ASC for opposite.

LIMIT 8 -> only 8 first rows

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If you want to get the most recent 8 active pieces, use LIMIT as well as ORDER BY

$sql = 'SELECT * FROM portfolio WHERE active=1 ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 8'
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SELECT * FROM portfolio WHERE active=1 ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 8
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