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I am trying to populate a select box with options from an array and escape those options so currency symbols lile get displayed rather than €.

How can this be done in Ruby on Rails?

This is my function:

def options
  array = []
  array << ["&dollar;", "some value"]
  array << ["&euro;", "some value"]

And this is the form:

<%= f.select(:format, f.object.options) %>

I tried things like array.html_safe but unfortunately it's not working.

Thanks for any help.

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You cannot mark an array HTML safe. You need to mark each element within the array as HTML-safe.




Sorry, I didn't look closely enough at how you are building the array. I thought it was a flat array of strings, in which case array.map(&:html_safe) would have been fine. Instead, you have to do the same for each sub-array of strings:

array.map { |e| e.map(&:html_safe) }
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Thanks for your help. This method throws an error here, though: undefined method 'html_safe' for ["&euro;", "some value"]:Array. I also appended it to the select statement in the view but get the same error there. I am probably missing something trivial here since I am fairly new to Rails. –  Tintin81 Sep 18 '13 at 10:07

You could make the options array with actual symbols, rails helper will code it in html for you.

def options
  array = []
  array << ["$", "some value"]
  array << ["€", "some value"]
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