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trying to access a value from a map in a c:out tag but the following doesn't appear to be displaying any value. Here's the code:

<c:out value=" letterForm.criteria.map['letterForm.criteria.type']" />

anyone have any ideas how to get the value from a map other than using the following code as it seems a bit inefficient as we have a map and know the key value.

<c:forEach var="exCovValue" items="${letterForm.criteria.map}">
     <c:if test="${exCovValue.key == letterForm.criteria.type}">
         <c:set var="extraCoverValue" value="${exCovValue.value}" />


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You left out the ${}. Try this:

<c:out value="${letterForm.criteria.map['letterForm.criteria.type']}" />
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This worked:

<c:out value="${letterForm.criteria.map[letterForm.criteria.type]}" />

was trying it like this:

<c:out value="${letterForm.criteria.map['letterForm.criteria.type']}" />

but removing the quotes (') worked.

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oops, forgot that in the example! cheers for the help –  Travis Dec 11 '09 at 6:16
The letterForm.criteria.type is a variable which has a value which apparently is one of the map keys. The 'letterForm.criteria.type' is a plain vanilla string which apparently isn't one of the map keys. Do you now understand why it behaves that way? –  BalusC Dec 11 '09 at 11:41

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