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I have saved a file into mongoDB using gridFS like so.

    Mongo mongo = new Mongo("XXXXX", XXXX);
    DB db = mongo.getDB("XXX");
    GridFS fs = new GridFS(XXX);

    File install = new File("C:\\Users\\Nabeel\\Desktop\\docs.txt");
    GridFSInputFile inFile = fs.createFile(install);;

Now I want download that file using spring MVC. I don't seep to able to find example on how i can get the file back as gridFS has converted the file into binary.

An example code would be nice as i am new to all this.

Thanks you in advance

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You need to write the file somewhere http can access the file.

outFile.writeTo("location on you drive or network drive");

then just give html the url where the file is located.

you cant just show it directly from the database

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