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So i'm working on a 3D game and i'm on walking at the moment but when i walk one step i then get a runtime error 'Expression: vector iterators incompatable' and i have no clue what this means.

Here is where walking is first called:

void Packets::handleMoving(Player* p, Stream* s)
    printf("handling movement for player: %s\n", p->getUsername());

    int newWalkCmdSteps = (p->packetSize - 5) / 2;

    if(newWalkCmdSteps > WALKING_QUEUE_SIZE)
        printWarning("Warning: walkTo(%d) command contains too many steps (%d).\n", p->packetType, newWalkCmdSteps);

    Pos temp;
    vector<Pos> tempPathWaypoints;

    int firstStepX = s->readSignedWordBigEndianA();

    for(int i = 0; i < newWalkCmdSteps; i++) {
        temp.x = s->readSignedByte();
        temp.y = s->readSignedByte();

    int firstStepY = s->readSignedWordBigEndian(); //absPos

    int isRunning = s->readSignedByteC() == 1; //seems always be 0 so useless..

    PlayerHandler::addToWalkingQueue(p, firstStepX, firstStepY);
    for(int i = 0; i < newWalkCmdSteps; i++) {
        tempPathWaypoints[i].x += firstStepX;
        tempPathWaypoints[i].y += firstStepY;
        PlayerHandler::addToWalkingQueue(p, tempPathWaypoints[i].x, tempPathWaypoints[i].y);

What i have also found by using breakpoints is that the bottom forloop seems to be where the issue is.

When i add a break point on the following

tempPathWaypoints[i].x += firstStepX;

i get the runtime error but anywhere before that i do not.

Here are the rest of my walking functions. (Put it in pastebin too long for this thread)


I am pretty sure that the error is based in the addToWalkingQueue but i am not sure

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I think you need to add more information about the functions and types you are using here. –  Elazar Sep 17 '13 at 21:55
It sounds like you have iterator-debugging enabled (thankfully) and the end-iterator in tempPathWaypoints is being encountered within your implementations operator [], then throwing an exception when it attempts to use the dereference operator to acquire a non-const reference required for the statement. A stack dump of the actual error location would likely expose the real culprit. –  WhozCraig Sep 17 '13 at 22:09
If you post a minimal complete example, you'll get the answer within minutes. –  Beta Sep 17 '13 at 22:39
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