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I'm just starting to learn endpoints so I am following along with the Java tutorial on the app engine website. I'm writing the get method here but at the part where I run the server and visit http://localhost:8080/_ah/api/explorer nothing shows up. It says that the Dev App Server is running fine and I have copied and pasted the code directly. Where do I start finding out what is wrong? Thanks

Edit: It also seems to not be showing me the api when I use the eclipse plugin to auto generate the backend.

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Do you get an entirely blank page, or does it appear to be stuck loading? Are you using Chrome or another browser? –  Dan Holevoet Sep 18 '13 at 21:41

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did you try the tic tac toe example from Google? I had the same issue. However, for me it was patience, after a minute or 2, the API showed up.

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Try this: http://localhost:8080/_ah/api/discovery/v1/apis

I also got the same problem when I was following the official tutorial. Later I found the answer from here: RESTful CRUD APIs with AppEngine, Cloud Endpoints and Dart code generation

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