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I have a Smarty Code that starts a new Div Tag line if it has reached 4 Sub Div Tags. How can I rewrite this in my existing Javascript Code?

Smarty Code

<div class="blocksit">
    {foreach name=aussen item=module_data from=$module_content}
    <div class="grid">
    {if $smarty.foreach.aussen.iteration is div by 4 || $smarty.foreach.aussen.last}
    {if $smarty.foreach.aussen.iteration is div by 4 and !$smarty.foreach.aussen.last}
<div class="blocksit">{/if}

Existing Javascript Code Part

html = '<div class="col-lg-3">';
html += '<a href="' + url + '">';
html += '<img src="' + image + '" alt="' + name + '" style="max-width:100%;height:auto;" />';
html += '<h5>' + name +'</h5> ';
html += '</a>';
html += '</div>';
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