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I have a woo-commerce website that needs to add Google trusted store order code. Can anyone tell me in which page template should I add that code? Google said "success order" page. But what is the success order page in woocommerce template?

Google says "you must include the order confirmation module code snippet on the order confirmation page that appears once an order has been processed. The order confirmation module allows customers to opt-in to the program and also transmits the necessary transaction information to Google."

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The Order Confirmation module has to be placed on what WooCommerce refers to as the 'Thank you Page'. The page that a customer sees upon successful transaction (Different gateways like Paypal will also be taken to this page). The best way to do this is to use the woocommerce_thankyou registered action to call a function that'll echo the code.

//thank you page

function myFunctionName(){
//START Google Trusted Stores Order
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@Athan is going in the right direction.

The code:

//START Google Trusted Stores Order

can get a bit hairy. You need to dive deep into the WC_Order object. Along with being ver versed in Google Trusted Stores strict guidelines.

For this you can just use this plugin:


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