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Using MVC4, say you had a custom validation entity model, is it possible to pass the model to a custom validation attribute, for example:

public class ValidatableModel
    [CustomValidation(typeof(CustomDependentValidation), "ValidateCDV", **this**)]
    public string Attrib1 { get; set; ]
    public string Attrib2 { get; set; }

to a CustomDependentValidation class declared like:

public class CustomDependentValidation : ValidationAttribute
    public static ValidationResult ValidateCDV(ValidatedModel argValMod) //yes, ?-able.
    { if (argValMod.Attrib1 == argValMod.Attrib2) { return ValidationResult.Success; } }

I the code above was an extrapodecrapulate attempt from the CustomValidation msdn page example here:

(on the Silverlight version, I know... the other version pages didn't have any example code)

Is the self-referential validating model pattern-like-thing that I am trying to code just not possible in MVC4?

I guess it might be because Annotations don't permit object instance references or the entity model objects don't have any business being client side, but I am yet learning MVC and lose the business end of things easily.

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note: I know there is already a simpler comparer annotation, this is just a simple example. Being able to pass instance attributes would be just as good, but I figure would need an instance reference like "this.Attrib1" – stackuser83 Sep 18 '13 at 1:35
ended up doing this validation server side, no annotations required – stackuser83 Sep 21 '13 at 20:09
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I later found some similar problem solution approaches on SO:

Custom model validation of dependent properties using Data Annotations

Property-level validation errors hinder the validation of Class-level validation

short answer seems to be it is not possible.

answer sized answer is: this is not in the MVC4 box, but seems possible with enough work time

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