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In a D3 or NVD3.js line graph, how can I select a particular line once the graph is rendered? For example, suppose I want to animate the stroke width on a line, like this:

d3.selectAll('path').transition().duration(2000).style("stroke-width", "20");

The above will select all paths, obviously, but I would like to select a particular series—for example, the Oranges series in a data set defined like this:

var data = [{key: "Apples", values: array1},{key: "Oranges", values: array2}]

I thought something this might work, but it did not:

d3.select('#chart svg').datum(data[1]).transition... // or alternatively,
d3.select('#chart svg').datum(data[1].values).transition...

I've been trying to figure it out using the Cumulative Line Chart example in the code editor here, with no success: http://nvd3.org/livecode/#codemirrorNav

This is a very basic question, but I'm new to D3 and have been unable to figure it out.

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There are couple of simple ways that I can think of:

  1. You can store each path in its own variable (or inside an array):

    var path1 = graph.append("g").append("path").data([data1]).attr("class", "line1");

    Now you can apply your transitions to just this path variable and it should work.

  2. Another option is to give each path a unique class and then use d3.selectAll(".uniqueclassname") and apply your transitions.

In this fiddle, look at the tick function (specially for the following piece of code).

// redraw the lines
        graph.select(".line1").attr("d", line).attr("transform", null);
        path2.attr("d", line).attr("transform", null);
        path3.attr("d", line).attr("transform", null);
        graph.select(".line4").attr("d", line).attr("transform", null);
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If the path were part of a group with a class, how would I select it? By inspecting source on the nvd3.js example I've noticed that the lines are grouped into <g>'s with classes, like .nv-series-0, .nv-series-1, etc. d3.select('.nv-series-1').style("stroke-width", "20") did not work. –  supertrue Sep 18 '13 at 2:18
I think you should select d3.select('.nv-series-1').select('path').style().... –  Yogesh Sep 18 '13 at 2:27

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