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I use ExtendedDataTable and try use sortyBy and GroupByColumn. I want to implement following behavior: If I click on the header to sort the column, then this column should be taken for GroupByColumn.

I didnt found anywhere what listener is called, if I sort the column in UI.

Can anybody help me?

thank you.

<rich:extendedDataTable groupingColumn="rueckRufDatum" id ="sampleData" binding="#
  {personenBBean.carDatatable}" ajaxKeys="#{personenBBean.keySet}" border="1" 
  value="#{personenBBean.cars}" var="car" width="780px" height="200px">
<rich:column id="rueckRufDatum" sortBy="#{car.callBackDate}" 
  filterBy="#{car.callBackDate}" filterEvent="onkeyup">
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