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I have a static site with a few pages and an installation of Wordpress. I uploaded wordpress to the server and I am able to access it from any of the static pages using the link href="blog\". The static html pages are stored in the main directory of the server which is also where the blog is stored. the directory looks like this:

public_html/   //Server directory
-blog/         //Folder with blog installation

Im trying to put links in the php file "file_with_links.php" that will link back to the static html pages which are a few directories up from it. I tried to do use ../../../../../page.html with no luck. Is there an easy way to do this? any help would be appreciated.


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Best practice is using a full URI (http://YourSiteHere.com/YourFileHere.html).

To achieve this, use this code in your file_with_links.php file:

$root_toot = "http://YourSiteHere.com";

$to_contact = '<a href="' . $root_toot . '/contact.html">Contact</a>';
$to_about = '<a href="' . $root_toot . '/about.html">About</a>';


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