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I am using asp.net and I am using session cookies. when i debug in the browser for the first time then it works fine. when in give a feedback and close the browser. and again i open the browser and again i want to give a feedback then it does not permit me. How can i Close the stored Cookies and Clear the Cache. I am sure that Because of the cache and cookies i am facing problem. I have just declare and initialise the cookies like this

    Response.Cookies["MyFeedBack"].Value = "FeedBackYes";

and i am enabling the button in page load by seeing the cookies like this:

     if (Request.Cookies["MyFeedBack"] != null)
            SubmitFeedBackButton.Enabled = false;
            SubmitFeedBackButton.Enabled = true;

when i close the browser then the cookies should be cleared but i find that the cookies are not cleared. and when i clear Cache and Cookies by going to the history menu>>clear recent history then it works fine. My Question is that when i close any of the browser then how can i clear the cache and cookies from the history. i have tested in three browser namely: Firefox, Google chrome, and Operamini. all the browser gives the same problem. Please help me out to find the solution.

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Set the cookie to one day behind

var ckc = new HttpCookie("MyFeedBack") { Expires = DateTime.Now.AddDays(-1) }; HttpContext.Current.Response.Cookies.Add(ckc);

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