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Find Control of Grid Template Column Outside of RadGrid Events with out using for each statement. I am using for each means all the value inserted .I will insert particular row Only.Please refer my code

 protected void txtRemarks_TextChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
            HMS.model.PatientQueue objPatient = new model.PatientQueue();
            foreach (GridItem item in gvStudents.MasterTableView.Items)
              if (item is GridItem)
          //  GridItem cmdItem = gvStudents.MasterTableView.Items;

                   GridDataItem dataItem = (GridDataItem)item;
                    TextBox txtRemark = (TextBox)item.FindControl("txtRemarks");

                   // TextBox txtRemark = (TextBox)this.gvStudents.FindControl("txtRemarks");
                    objPatient.Remarks = txtRemark.Text;
                    if (txtRemark.Text != "")
                        objPatient.UID = _common.Utility.ToString(this.gvStudents.MasterTableView.Items[dataItem.ItemIndex].GetDataKeyValue("UID"));

                        int returnval = objPatient.InsertRemarks();

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