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I am beginning my journey down the path of node (following the rolling with mongo tutorial), and have written the following jade file

extends layout
block content
  h1= title
  form( method="post")
        span Title :
        input(type="text", name="title", id="editArticleTitle")
        span Body :
        textarea(name="body", rows=20, id="editArticleBody)// <--- This line!
        input(type="submit", value="Send")

I get The end of the string was reached with no closing bracket found. coming out of the jade character parser. It blames the line that is pointed to in the above code. It's certainly possible that I'm missing a bracket, but I'm not seeing where it might be.

Here's the stack trace:

The end of the string was reached with no closing bracket found.
    at Function.parseMax (/home/me/Documents/node/blog/node_modules/jade/node_modules/character-parser/index.js:26:13)
    at Object.Lexer.bracketExpression (/home/me/Documents/node/blog/node_modules/jade/lib/lexer.js:138:33)
    at Object.Lexer.attrs (/home/me/Documents/node/blog/node_modules/jade/lib/lexer.js:524:24)
    at (/home/me/Documents/node/blog/node_modules/jade/lib/lexer.js:788:15)
    at Object.Lexer.lookahead (/home/me/Documents/node/blog/node_modules/jade/lib/lexer.js:122:46)
    at Object.Parser.lookahead (/home/me/Documents/node/blog/node_modules/jade/lib/parser.js:116:23)
    at Object.Parser.parseTag (/home/me/Documents/node/blog/node_modules/jade/lib/parser.js:618:25)
    at Object.Parser.parseExpr (/home/me/Documents/node/blog/node_modules/jade/lib/parser.js:199:21)
    at Object.Parser.block (/home/me/Documents/node/blog/node_modules/jade/lib/parser.js:593:25)
    at Object.Parser.tag (/home/me/Documents/node/blog/node_modules/jade/lib/parser.js:722:26)
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textarea(name="body", rows=20, id="editArticleBody) You're missing a closing double quote on the id attribute. id="editArticleBody" – c.P.u1 Sep 18 '13 at 5:14
ARG! I need to get some syntax highlighting. – Peter Klipfel Sep 18 '13 at 15:29
What would be even cooler is if the error gave you a line number :-) – James M. Lay Jan 10 at 20:44

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It was late. I was missing the closing quote

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Mine was better. I was using Visual Studio Code, which apparently has a handy feature where it will occasionally clone a file you are working on in a very subtle manner so that you start working on the clone instead. – Gerry Nov 18 at 22:06

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